What is your why?

Why do we practice yoga?

There are as many answers to this question as there are stars in the sky!

Yoga is thousands of years old. The physical practice of yoga (asana), is one of the eight limbs of yoga. Since its origin, what we think of as yoga has undergone many changes, iterations, and branched off into many different styles. And in recent years, it's become more separated from its roots and is a popular form of exercise.

These days, the issue of cultural appropriation is a hot topic, with many sides to the debate over what it means, how to avoid it, or at the very least, how to be mindful of it. There is nothing wrong with doing yoga simply because it's a great "workout," but just know it has a rich, full history that goes way beyond a heated classroom and fancy mats.

This is the long way of me saying, there are a million different reasons you might be drawn to yoga, and they are all okay! Some of us are here for the "workout," some of us are here for the healing aspects of the practice, some of us are here for the stretchy parts.

What is your why?

It's a question worth asking, and most definitely a question worth answering. Hold on to that answer, and come back to it each time you are in class. Creating intentions is an important step to manifesting your desired results, after all!

Remember what brought you to practicing yoga. Each time you start a class, remember what brought you there, to that specific class on that specific day. And remember what you wish to embody and how you would like to feel.

You'll be glad you did.