Moving from Fall into Winter

Yoga for a healthy fall season

Autumn is here! Fall is a transition from summer to winter, but a season all unto itself, and there is much opportunity to relax and decompress from the heat of summer, while preparing for the cold and dryness of winter.

So what can you do to contribute to a healthy fall season? Here are some ideas.

Drink Water

Keeping the body hydrated is important all year round! But especially moving through fall and into winter. The air is drier, and we need to keep our bodies properly balanced with plenty of water. Water is good for your skin, your digestion, your joints...basically, it's good for everything!

One way water travels through the body is along your fascia - connective tissue that holds muscles and organs in place. When the fascia isn't hydrated, you can experience greater muscle stiffness. So give yourself a head start in the stretching department and have an extra glass of water today.

Keep Moving

When it's cold, it's so easy to just sit on the couch under a blanket with a book. Trust me, I am speaking from experience! But before you know it, a few hours have gone by, and you haven't moved. Did you know your spine needs to move about every 20 minutes to keep itself nourished?

This is where "mind over matter" comes in, and you'll be doing yourself a greater service by getting up and moving - at least every so often.

And of course, a regular exercise practice like yoga will keep you moving! But sometimes it doesn't even matter what you do...just that you get up and do it. Your body will thank you.

Change how you move

The weather is different from season to season, and animals and plant life change their behaviors depending on the time of year too. So should we!

Winter may be a more difficult time to be outside for some of us. So if you're used to outdoor activities, how can you transition to more indoor movement? Or if the summer is too hot for you, can you switch things up and be outside more now? How does your body feel in the winter compared to summer? Move in ways that feel good, and appropriate.

Establish a routine

The best way to be sure you keep moving, is to make it part of your daily routine. How can you add a little something to your day, each day? A little exercise in the morning is a great way to start the day, and there are even movements and meditations you can do before bed for better sleep.

I am putting together a workshop to help you create a movement routine...stay tuned for more details!

Till then, be kind to your body and your Self as we transition into winter. Be well!