A Few of My Favorite Things…

Things Every Yogi Should Have

Over the last few months, I've been asked about yoga-related items, books and props that I use on a regular basis. I thought I'd share a few of those things here, in case you'd like to up your home yoga studio game!

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission if you make a purchase.


Yoga Books

Mudras for Healing and Transformation, by Joseph and Lillian LePage - I can't live without this book! Mudras are basically yoga for the hands. Each "posture" has a symbolic meaning, as well as (purported) effects on our physical and emotional bodies. In my private classes, we practice a mudra each Friday ("Mudra Fridays!"). If you are looking for ways to deepen not only your yoga practice but also your meditation practice, this book can help. Or even if you'd like to simply learn more about mudras - this is THE book.


The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: the Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga, by Bernie Clark - a perennial go-to for yin yoga teachers, this book is also helpful to gain a deeper understanding of the practice, as well as individual poses. I love Bernie!


Yoga Props and Other Handy Things

Manduka Yoga Mats, Blocks, and StrapsĀ 

I will pretty much only use Manduka props. Their mats areĀ  pricey, but the Pro series will last forever, and they also have a line of natural rubber mats. These are trickier to take care of, and a bit heavy, but they're very "grippy" and I love them. For my personal practice, I alternate between a ProLite 4.7mm and an eKO 4mm mat.

As for blocks, I prefer foam blocks that are a bit heavy. Manduka blocks are heavier than their cheaper counterparts, plus they're recycled. They do have cork blocks too, but I find these to be too heavy.

Manduka also makes great straps and other gear, as well as clothing. I've never tried any of their clothes. Their bolsters are a bit lightweight... but I have one, and it's comfy.


Yoga Toes - These are the real deal! If you want to keep your toes and feet healthy, happy, and flexible, use these. As we grow older, the body naturally starts to become more stiff. Don't let this happen to your toes! As I'm fond of saying, we need our toes. Everyone likes to walk, right? LOL. Use these. You're welcome.


Happy Holidays!