andrea neil online yoga

Yoga is a safe, effective, and enjoyable way to move your body and ease your mind. Yoga helps us reconnect to our bodies, reestablishing the mind-body connection and allowing us to be more aware of ourselves and the world around us.

I have been teaching yoga since 2016, focusing on helping students relax, rejuvinate, and reconnect. Here are what some of my students have to say about our yoga classes.

I love Andrea's classes and her presentation. Perfect combination of serious instruction, humor, and an authentic vibe. - JS

A gifted instructor, filled with grace and humor, Andrea Neil is not only a long-time expert in yoga itself but has a wide-ranging knowledge of what helps her clients achieve health and comfort without stress. For someone who was creaky to start with and a yoga innocent -- that's me -- there could have been no better introduction to the art than Andrea. I haven't felt this good, or this flexible, for years. Thank you, teacher. -Paul

Andrea has such a welcoming demeanor, it makes even unbendy folk of a certain age feel that they, too, can do yoga!  With forgiving postures and helpful modifications, I have been amazed - and delighted - by the new energy and range of motion her classes have brought me.  Indeed, it is with great appreciation and gratitude that I find yoga with Andrea becoming a relished habit.  Namaste! -DZ

Andrea is a fabulous instructor. She's calm and patient, very relaxed in her approach. She's great if you're new to yoga, but she's also great for those of us who are experienced with it because she offers plenty of options to allow you to do the poses best for where you're at right now in your yoga practice. I highly recommend her classes! -Facebook Review

I love Andrea’s classes, her instructions are very clear for those new to yoga and her sense of humor helps students laugh when things may get difficult, or just for the sake of laughter. Her fun loving spirit combined with her guidance in practice makes for an uplifting experience. -Facebook Review